Rare Bird Alert: October 5, 2017

This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert and has been updated through 10/5/2017. To report rare or unusual bird sightings in the Austin area, provide recent sighting updates, or inquire about location details on birds listed below, please send an email to armanmorenobirds@gmail.com. If submitting a bird sighting, please include species name, location details, and contact information.

Rarities Found Through the Month of September

  • A juvenile REDDISH EGRET was found along the Colorado River at Hornsby Bend, Travis County, on 9/16. Presumably the same bird was refound at the Colorado River Preserve on 10/1 and continues through 10/3. The main access point for the preserve is under the US 183/Montopolis Bridge but parking is located along the road as the entire area is under construction. Another bird was found at Canyon Lake Park, Comal County, on 10/3.
  • A SWALLOW-TAILED KITE was observed flying over a private residence in North Central Austin, Travis County, on 9/26.
  • A HARRIS’ HAWK was photographed flying over FM 969 near Webberville Park, Travis County, on 9/16 and was last seen flying toward the direction of Hornsby Bend. Another bird was seen in Gonzales County on FM 108, four miles north of Smiley on 9/20.
  • A juvenile RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was found at Webberville Park in Travis County on 9/11. The bird was reported again on 9/13.
  • A SAY’S PHOEBE was photographed at Commons Ford Park, Travis County, on 9/22.
  • A GREAT KISKADEE was photographed at a private residence in Gonzales County on 9/13 and continued for at least 3 days, visiting the homeowner’s water feature. The same residence also had a HUTTON’S VIREO drop in on 9/14.
  • A VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW was photographed at Hornsby Bend, Travis County, on 9/10 and continued through at least the next morning, but never seen again.
  • CERULEAN WARBLERs were found at Hornsby Bend, Travis County, on 9/5 and also at Warbler Woods, Guadalupe County, on 9/3.
  • A WESTERN TANAGER was found at Lake Fayette, Fayette County, on 9/9.
  • A female SCARLET TANAGER was photographed at Warbler Woods, Guadalupe County, on 9/10. This species is uncommon in Central Texas in fall.

Continuing Bird(s) From Previous Week

  • At least five LEAST GREBEs continue in Williamson County through 9/30 off Parksville Way and Fairweather Way.
  • A HUTTON’S VIREO continues at Warbler Woods, Guadalupe County, on 9/17.
Reports for the Austin area RBA cover a 60-mile radius, centered on the Capitol in downtown Austin. Bird sightings mentioned here have been filtered and scrutinized by the compiler and are believed to be genuine. Photo or audio documentation for species with challenging IDs will be mentioned if they are known to exist.