Rare Bird Alert: Scarlet Tanager, American Golden-Plover, and More

This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert. Last update on 10/22/2019. Send interesting sightings, complete with species name, location, and contact information to Vincent O’Brien at vincentobrienbirds@gmail.com

Solo LEAST GREBEs reported from Webster Lake, Hays, 10/21, and Parksville Way Retention Pond, Williamson, 10/22.
AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER was described in flight over Pond 1W at Hornsby Bend, Travis, 10/21.
WHITE-TAILED HAWK was reported flying over York Creek Rd. and CR262, Hays, 10/20.
HARRIS’S HAWK was described along I-35 and FM 1103, Guadalupe, 10/20.
An adult RED-HEADED WOODPECKER reported from Bastrop State Park at the Deer Run Camping area.  Found in the burned section by the RV Camping trailhead, Bastrop, 10/19.  And a juvenile from a private residence in Smithville, Bastrop, 10/17.
The resident BLACK PHOEBE continues at Hamilton Pool, Travis, 10/16.
SAY’S PHOEBE was described along River Rd., Gillespie, 10/19.
VERMILION FLYCATCHERs continue in the circle.  An adult male at Mudd Cove, Pace Bend Park, Travis, 10/16.  A female at Devine Lake, Williamson, 10/18.  And a male noted from Berry Springs Park in Georgetown, Williamson, 10/18.
COUCH’S KINGBIRDs continue at Lake Creek Trail, most recent sighting near the metal bridge that crosses the creek, Williamson, 10/20.
HUTTON’S VIREO was noted and continued at Prospect Park, Hays, 10/21, and another individual photographed at Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center in Austin, Travis, 10/18.
YELLOW-THROATED VIREO was photographed at a private residence, Gonzales, 10/19.
WARBLING VIREO was noted from McKinney Falls State Park, Travis, 10/14.
A RED-EYED VIREO was photographed at a private residence in Northwest Austin, Travis, 10/16.
PURPLE MARTIN described near the San Gabriel River and RR1660, Williamson, 10/15.
WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH reported from a private residence along RR165, Blanco, 10/19.
SEDGE WRENs continue in the restored native prairie at Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park, Travis, 10/20.
A BALTIMORE ORIOLE was noted from Cullen Country Park, Hays, 10/15.
LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH reported from Ramon Lucio Park in San Marcos, Hays, 10/16.
Solo NORTHERN WATERTHRUSHs described from a private park, Comal, 10/15, and another photographed enjoying the water feature, near the butterfly garden, at Wildseed Farms Market, Gillespie, 10/20.
A male GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER  was observed and then photographed via trail camera from a private residence, Gonzales, 10/20.
AMERICAN REDSTARTs were reported from multiple locations in Travis County on 10/20.  One male from the picnic area at Allen Park, a female from West Bouldin Creek, and an additional female type from a private residence.
NORTHERN PARULA described along Pond 3 at Hornsby Bend, Travis, 10/19.
MAGNOLIA WARBLER was described from a private residence visiting the water feature in Comfort, Kendall, 10/20.
A juvenile CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER was photographed at the water feature of a private residence in Comfort, Kendall, 10/20.
A male SCARLET TANAGER in basic plumage was photographed at a private residence in Northwest Austin, Travis, 10/20.
A ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was photographed at a private residence along Lockerbie Dr., Travis, 10/21.
A female type BLUE GROSBEAK continues at Lake Creek Trail, Williamson, 10/20, and another described from Walnut Creek Hike and Bike, Travis, 10/15.


Reports for the Austin area RBA cover a 60 mile radius, centered on the Capitol in downtown Austin.  Bird sightings mentioned here have been filtered and studied by the compiler and are believed to be genuine. When documentation or photographs were provided, that is mentioned along with other information about the birds being seen.  For questions or updates about birds mentioned here, or to report rare or unusual bird sightings in the Austin area, please send an email to vincentobrienbirds@gmail.com.