Rusty’s Perch: Bird Blind dedicated at Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

On Sunday morning, June 23, 2019, family and friends of Rusty Osborne gathered near the prairie at Commons Ford Park to officially dedicate “Rusty’s Perch”.  The perch is a bird blind tucked away among the purple horsemint and orange standing cypress wildflowers on the northwestern end of Commons Ford Prairie. The inspiring, peaceful space is dedicated to the memory of Rusty Osborne, a lover of nature and frequent visitor to the park before his passing in June of 2016.  A botanist by training and a lifelong lover of the natural world, Rusty so enjoyed spending time at Commons Ford Park, watching the birds, identifying the beautiful prairie flowers and walking the trails with family and friends.

Rusty Osborne

Many thanks to the Commons Ford Prairie Committee members for their work in creating such a beautiful space for wildlife.  Committee members include: co-chairs Sheila Hargis and Ellen Filtness; members Andy Filtness, Mark Lyon, Deb Wallace, Lee Wallace, Janice Sturrock, Kirsti Harms, Terri Seigenthaler, Michael Sims and Ed Fair, in absentia.  Funding for the bird blind was provided by the family of Rusty Osborne. Thanks also to the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department for their assistance in construction of the bird blind.


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