Steve Scott, Friend of Travis Audubon, Passed Away November 9th

We are deeply saddened to report the passing of Steve Scott, a selfless and important supporter of Travis Audubon. He died on November 9 after a long battle with heart and kidney disease. Steve was the brother of Valarie Scott Bristol, a former president of the TAS Board of Directors.

In the mid 1970s, Steve and two friends, John Bernardoni and Chuck Eckerman, co-founded the successful effort to save and renovate Austin’s historic Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue. That renovation jump-started Austin’s downtown revitalization which continues today.

Steve and Judy, his wife of 45+ years, had their own real estate agency in Austin for decades, assisting many families to find just the right home. They used that expertise on behalf of Travis Audubon in recent years, working countless hours to assist in the purchase of six lots to add to Travis Audubon’s Chaetura Canyon Sanctuary. These acquisitions protected the water quality in the sanctuary and expanded its boundaries to better protect important bird habitat. They donated their time and expertise and greatly assisted with the closing process.  Travis Audubon is very grateful for those efforts. Paul and Georgean Kyle, stewards of Chaetura Canyon, recently honored Steve and Judy with the gift of one of Georgean’s beautiful art works (see above picture).

We are very grateful for all that Steve did for Chaetura Canyon. Travis Audubon will miss him.