Texas Heritage: Rooted in Our Wildlands

Today Texas celebrates its Independence Day! A significant part of Texas history is the story of our wildlife.

Amplify Austin, a 24 hour period of online giving starts tonight, March 2, at 6:00 pm. We hope you will take part in this movement and give a gift that will conserve our wildlife, our natural resources, and our heritage for generations to come.

At Travis Audubon, we are making sure native habitats, the truly foundational elements of Central Texas history, are not forgotten and continue to be part of the story of our region. With the support of the community, these places can continue to provide us clean air and water and a connection to our environment and our history.

Remember the past with a donation towards Central Texas’s future. Support Travis Audubon beginning TONIGHT at 6pm or ‘set it and forget it’ by scheduling your donation now.

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