Thank you, 2016 Master Birders!

On February 17, we celebrated the all-stars from the Master Birder Class of 2016. To reach permanent Master Birder status, they had to volunteer a minimum of 90 hours across 3 years following graduation from the Master Birder course. Master Birders are responsible for thousands of volunteer hours every year, and it is because of them that we are able to do so much outreach across Travis County.

Here’s the list of 2016 Master Birders who reached permanent Master Birder status this year:

Judith Bailey
Gus Cannon
Cindy Cannon
Frances Cerbins
Denise Dailey
Shelia Hargis
Wendy Harte
Michael Jewell
Barbara Keir
Suzie McCann
Skip Mencio
Sharon Monier
Janel Nye
Dennis Palafox
Allan Seils
Jane Tillman

Thanks again for your dedicated work for Travis Audubon!

We would also like to give a huge thank you to Cindy Sperry, who has played a critical role in our Master Birder Program since its inception. We wish her the best on her move to New Mexico!