Travis Audubon Welcomes New Staff

This week Travis Audubon welcomes Caley Zuzula to our staff team. Caley graduated from Texas State University with a Master of Science in Population and Conservation Biology, and has worked at several conservation-oriented nonprofits, including Texan by Nature and the Bamberger Ranch. She fell in love with birding while serving as a Resident Naturalist at the University of Georgia’s campus in Costa Rica, where she had the pleasure of taking groups from around the world birding through the rainforest. Caley enjoys learning to identify birds by sight and sound, and is particularly fond of rambunctious birds such as grackles and jays. As a bird enthusiast and Central Texas native, Caley is excited to be part of the Travis Audubon team!

Caley will take over the roles of Nancy Sprehn, Program Assistant, and Erin Cord, Education Manager. Caley can be reached at

We also recently welcomed Carol Drennan, our outstanding new Interim Executive Director. Carol brings a breadth of experience in organizational transitions. Her guidance will be indispensable as we complete our search for a permanent director. Carol can be reached at

As we onboard our new staff, we bid a fond farewell to Erin Cord, Education Manager; Jordan Price, Director of Administration & Membership; and Nancy Sprehn, Program Assistant; all are moving on to exciting new opportunities. Erin has accepted a position with the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department. Jordan will become Development Director at VSA, Texas’s statewide organization for disabilities and the arts. Nancy will be completing the Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship Program at Austin Community College.