See Why We’re “Humming” with Excitement at Zilker Botanical Garden!

Last year, our friends at the Zilker Botanical Garden reached out to Travis Audubon with a (literally) sweet proposal: to create a space at the garden that attracts hummingbirds. The plan was two-fold: to dispatch and maintain nectar feeders, and to landscape the garden with native plants that hummingbirds pollinate. Travis Audubon volunteer Jane Tillman provided advice on the best plants to populate the garden, while volunteers Karen Bartoletti, Joyce Bertolacini, and Marc Frazier maintain the feeders on a regular basis to keep them clean and full of nectar.

The garden is looking beautiful; we encourage you all to take a stroll among the flowers and enjoy the tiny gem-like birds flitting around between feeders and flowers.

A special thanks to Cindy Klemmer, Matt Morris, and Meredith Giles with Zilker Botanical Gardens for initiating this fantastic project, all the Travis Audubon volunteers who assist with maintaining the feeders, and Laura Hopkins for donating materials to keep the nectar flowing at the feeders.

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