Volunteers Prepare Baker Bunkhouse for Renovation

Twenty-two volunteers assisted with the cleaning out of the old stone bunkhouse at Baker Sanctuary in preparation for its upcoming make-over. The volunteers quickly filled a 20 cubic yard dumpster with the accumulated detritus of a half-century to be recycled and disposed at the landfill. A couple of the “treasures” recovered during the clean up were a former mailbox bearing the Baker name and a Tuberculosis test canister.

The stone bunkhouse will be demolished in January and re-built with a foundation in its former style by Nick’s Bricks Masonry. The current lack of a foundation has caused the bunkhouse to slowly collapse as the walls settle. This rebuild will ensure the structure is around for many years to come. It is anticipated the bunkhouse rehabilitation will be completed by March so make sure to visit Baker and see it for yourself!

Baker Bunkhouse 1999

Baker Bunkhouse 2018, prepared for renovation

Baker Sanctuary reopens for visitation in mid-January. Become a member to receive the gate code!
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