Watch our April Speaker Series with Romey Swanson

Travis Audubon hosted its first-ever virtual Speaker Series on April 16 with guest Romey Swanson.

Romey Swanson works for Audubon Texas as the Director of Conservation Strategy. In this role, Romey works with state, national, and international partners to identify and advance important conservation strategies to benefit birds, wildlife, and people. Romey is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and President Elect of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society – Texas’ largest professional society of wildlife managers. Additionally, Romey is an active leader within the Texas Land Trust Community serving on several organization’s boards and committees. He received a Master’s Degree from Texas State University studying the wildlife of Central Texas. Romey lives in Austin and enjoys spending time with his family hunting, camping, and studying nature – much like his favorite naturalist Teddy Roosevelt.

Watch the presentation:

Romey can be reached for questions at or at the following social media platforms:

IG = @romeyswanson
Tw = @romeyswanson
FB = Romey Swanson