World Swift Day at Chaetura Canyon

By: Georgean and Paul Kyle, Sanctuary Stewards

Friday, June 7, 2019 was the first ever World Swift Day.  It was organized by Martine Wauters of Brussels, Belgium.  Martine is working with Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program to educate children about conservation of the more than 100 species of swifts in the world.

The event was celebrated with 120 world-wide events in 29 countries and 4 continents.  At Chaetura Canyon, three dozen guests toured the sanctuary, watched the Chimney Swifts cavorting overhead and feeding their newly-hatched babies via the live video feed in the South Tower on the residence. A video presentation began with introductory comments by Dr. Goodall followed by several short features about several of the world’s swift species and ending with the short film about the Kyles’ work with Chimney Swifts by Abe Moore (Texas Parks and Wildlife).

Georgean Kyle with Julia Marsden, Valarie Bristol, Matthew Traub, Caroline O’Meara and Isaac Traub on the Windows on Nature trail.

Guests enjoyed drinks and movie snacks including fresh popcorn made by our own Canyon Docent Sarah Ruiz.  Thanks, Sarah!  Thanks also to Canyon Docent Rafael Ruiz for the photos of the event.

Guests on the deck.

Guests received hand-crafted wooden Swift Hearts as mementos of the evening and a token of our appreciation of their great support of Chaetura Canyon and Chimney Swift conservation!

Georgean with the Swift Hearts