Young Birders Club Birds Pedernales Falls State Park

By: Michael Jewell, Travis Audubon Volunteer

Young Birders Club members Kit, Camp, Jeff, and Charlie met Janel and I at the bird blinds for a little birding on Saturday, June 9th, at Pedernales Falls State Park. More birders RSVP’ed, but we think the heat may have scared them off.

There were great views of Painted Buntings, both male and female, a surprise visit from a White-eyed Vireo at the water feature, along with Woodhouse’s Scrub Jays, Lesser Goldfinches, House Finches, Northern Cardinals, Black-crested Titmice, and others.

We had time to take a walk down to the river by the campgrounds. Camp and Charlie took the opportunity to cool off with a wade in the river, and then we took a quick trip back to the blinds to see if the Gray Fox would turn up as it has recently, but no such luck.

Janel and I really enjoyed ourselves with this group and hope we can do it again– in cooler weather, of course.

Learn more about the Young Birders Club here.

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