Young Birders Explore Camp Mabry

On Sunday, May 7, five members of the TAS Young Birders Club had a chance to explore the grounds at Camp Mabry with Natural Resource Specialist, Wayne Strebe. The group learned about all the time, energy, effort and passion that goes into managing the property, removing invasive flora and restoring it back to its native state. Participants studied various wild flowers and plants, sampled wild onions and dewberries, studied (and handled) a small Texas Brown Snake and practiced their birding by ear skills. This was the first visit to Camp Mabry for most participants and they are already looking forward to more excursions at this military installation and birding hot spot!

The Young Birders Club will meet again on May 20 at Brentwood Park to see and learn about the resident Purple Martin colony with Purple Martin Landlord Denise Dailey. Click here to sign up!

Kat Ross is the Travis Audubon Young Birder’s Club Coordinator. More information about the Young Birders Club can be found on our website at

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