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Located in a subdivision that was platted in the early 1970s long before the term “Green Belt” was coined, this deep cleft drains into the Colorado River just below Mansfield Dam and  is home to more than 30 nesting avian species. In all more than 150 species of resident and migratory birds have been documented. The majority of the approximately 15 acres has been owned and managed by private landowners since 1971. In December 2006, Georgean and Paul Kyle donated their 8 acre portion of the canyon and their home to Travis Audubon Society while retaining a life estate, creating the Travis Audubon Chaetura Canyon Bird Sanctuary. Chaetura Canyon is world renowned for research and conservation of Chimney Swifts. Eighteen Chimney Swift Towers dot the property, including a large roost that regularly hosts hundreds of Chimney Swifts from spring until fall. Periodic workshops are held for TAS members on topics from nest box building to habitat management for small property owners. Now that Travis Audubon Society owns the property, it will be protected and maintained as a bird sanctuary in perpetuity. We are fortunate that Paul and Georgean Kyle remain as the stewards of Chaetura Canyon.  Under their stewardship the beauty and perfection of Chaetura Canyon will be preserved. View Chaetura Canyon’s past Annual Reports: 2008, 2009, 2010. View Chaetura Canyon’s Chimney Swift signage in Spanish.

Chaetura Canyon is open for special events and programs only. Please see the Calendar listing for dates and times.

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Chaetura Canyon was featured in the October 16, 2010 episode of Central Texas Gardener by local public television station KLRU.


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