What You Can Do

Birds provide essential services for us, from eating pests to pollinating flowers, and they are a delight to watch and hear. But they face many threats to survival, and many bird populations are in steep decline. With expanding urbanization and development, suitable habitat and resources become increasingly scarce. You can help by gardening for birds and creating a bird-friendly habitat in your yard!

Create Bird Friendly Communities

Birds face so many challenges on a daily basis: habitat loss, climate change, predation, building collisions, pesticides, and more. You can help birds by creating a bird-friendly community with these simple guidelines!

Garden For Birds

Click here for a list of gardening resources to help cultivate your garden to be becoming for birds.

Building Collisions

Travis Audubon is investigating the impact of local buildings on migratory bird mortality and raising awareness in the community about this issue.

Lights Out Texas

Did you know that most birds migrate at night? You can help with just a flick of a switch – plus you’ll save money on energy costs!