Office Staff

Executive Director:
Nicole Netherton

Program and Education Coordinator:
Caley Zuzula


Operations Coordinator:
Judith Allen



Development Manager:
Kelsey McKenna

Land Manager and Educator:
Christopher Murray



Design Director & Website Producer:
Nora Chovanec




2019-2020 Board


President: Eric Stager
Vice President: Karen Bartoletti
Treasurer: Carol Ray
Secretary: Chris Gunter


Christy Esmahan
Suzanne Kho
Clif Ladd
Julia Marsden
Lino Mendiola
Dennis Palafox
Virginia Rose
Flo Rice
Celeste Treadway
Mark Wilson

Advisory Council

J. David Bamberger
Valarie Bristol
Frances Cerbins
Victor Emanuel
Sam Fason
Bryan Hale
Shelia Hargis
Karen Huber
Mary Kelly
Susan Rieff
Andrew Sansom
Carter Smith


Advocacy: Clif Ladd and Celeste Treadway

Baker Core Team: Clif Ladd and Chris Murray

Blair Woods Management: Mark Wilson

Commons Ford: Ellen Filtness and Michael Sims

Chaetura Canyon Management: Paul and Georgean Kyle

Chimney Swifts: Paul Kyle

Education: Jeanette Larson

Field Trip: Dennis Palafox

Hornsby Bend: Eric Stager

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA): Lino Mendiola

Outreach/Member Meetings: Jane Tillman

Purple Martins: Shelia Hargis

Youth: Mary Kay Sexton