Community Science

Make a difference! Learn about the different ways you can enter observations on the birds you see and participate in bird surveys to help develop baseline data for scientists worldwide.
If you have a bird question, Fill out our Ask-a-Birder Form.

Bird Counts and Surveys

Bird surveys and counts help with scientific advancement by alerting communities to climate and environmental changes.


A fantastic resource for birders and conservationists, allowing users to submit sightings, save personal data, and peruse species distribution data submitted by others.


iNaturalist is a community for naturalists where you can record what you see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world.

Dead or Injured Bird Report

If you find a dead or injured bird, you can make an important contribution to Audubon Texas’ conservation work by submitting the information through D-Bird.

Beak Deformity and Banded Bird Observation Report

If you see a bird with a deformed beak, please fill out this form to report your observation to the U.S. Geological Survey.


Do you want to take your Texas bird watching experience to a whole new level? Interested in birding in other areas of Texas but don’t know where to go? Unsure about the ID of a bird you took a picture of (Texas birds only) and need a second opinion? Do you want to chase Texas rarities? Want to let everyone know about a cool bird you just saw?

Then consider subscribing to the free statewide Texbirds list serve which has a wealth of information about recent sightings around the state, as well as discussions on difficult identifications, occurrence and distribution of Texas birds.