Travis Audubon is addressing a compelling need that has arisen from the rapid population and economic growth in Central Texas – the need to balance this growth with thoughtful and effective conservation measures. This includes saving disappearing wildlife habitat and restoring neglected habitat, protecting endangered bird species, and re-connecting people with nature so that they can steward the environment in the future.


Travis Audubon is committed to providing conservation education through the stewardship of our wildlife sanctuaries.   We own three sanctuaries totaling 715 plus acres – Baker Sanctuary, Chaetura Canyon, and Blair Woods  – each with very different habitat, wildlife and neighboring audiences.

Citizen Science

Make a difference. Develop baseline data for scientists worldwide.


Since its inception, Travis Audubon has partnered with like-minded organizations to educate communities about the need for conservation and habitat protection and preservation.

What You Can Do

Learn how to attract birds to your garden and create bird-friendly habitats.

Backyard Bird Feeding

Feeding birds is not only a great way to watch backyard birds – it also helps them spend less time foraging for food and more time engaging in other activities that help them survive.


Find helpful publications and links to other birding and conservation organizations here.