Travis Audubon Activities & COVID-19

Updated July 5, 2022, 10:00am

Austin-Travis County has changed their COVID-19 risk guidelines to align with the CDC’s model of low, medium, and high community levels. Currently, Austin-Travis County COVID-19 levels are medium.

We have revised our policy in light of these changes. We encourage everyone to keep informed of COVID developments and respond accordingly. Any updates to our programs and activities will be posted on our website, General inquires can be made to or 512-300-2473.

Travis Audubon continues to prioritize safe and responsible programming while also considering the needs of those in our community who might be the most vulnerable to this disease. Thank you for your support during the pandemic.

Nicole Netherton, Executive Director,
Eric Stager, Board President


When Austin-Travis County COVID-19 levels are low or medium, we permit both outdoor and indoor in-person events, with masks remaining optional. For indoor events, individual leaders/organizers will coordinate with Travis Audubon to determine group size and whether Zoom is an appropriate medium for the event.

When Austin-Travis County COVID-19 levels are high, we will not hold any in-person events.

Please contact Caley Zuzula, Program Manager ( with questions.