Bird Question: Water in the Environment

OCTOBER 26, 2011:
I am a student at Austin Community College. This semester for a principles of microeconomics class I have the opportunity to select an issue within the sphere of local economics.  To be concise: I am trying to focus my topic about water to specific issues that are important ecologically and economically. If you feel that there is anything in particular that would bolster my studies or is worthy of attention, I should be quite grateful.



Thank you for sending your inquiry about water resources to Travis Audubon. Our mission statement is “We promote the enjoyment, understanding, and conservation of native birds and their habitats”. Water plays an important role when talking about conservation of habitat as it affects birds. Not only is it an important habitat for scores of birds, it is also an important resource for all birds. Especially during the drought, having access to drinking and bathing water has been a challenge for birds.

Of particular interest to you right now would be Proposition 8 which is on the ballot for the November 4th voting package. It is called the “Texas Water-Stewardship Tax Amendment”. This is important both ecologically and economically for land owners in Texas.

Rather than put my own spin on the importance of your topic, I would like to point you to several resources which you may find relevant in addition to Hornsby Bend’s Center for Environmental Research.

Austin Water Utility
Center for Research in Water Resources
Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Land and Water Conservation Department
The US Geological Survey’s Texas Water Science Center
Texas Water Matters
Texas Water Conservation Association

I hope you find the information you are looking for in these resources. Good luck with your project!