Ask-a-Birder: Look up for migrating hawks!

Hawks are on the move and filling the skies above Austin. Ask-a-Birder Expert Dan Smith explains how you might catch a glimpse:

This is the time of year when hawks and vultures are moving south en masse, and Austin and surrounding areas have seen their share. Brush Freeman recently reported from Cedar Park “a river of birds” flowing south that lasted an hour. As Texbirds is popping up on my email all the time, I sometimes step out to take a look and have on several occasions been rewarded with good views. Some of them also apparently are comfortable spending overnight in the trees in town. While it hasn’t happened this year, on three occasions from my home in the Brentwood neighborhood (north central Austin), I have gone out about 9:30 and been rewarded with Swainson’s Hawks lifting off in the neighborhood. Jordan, at the Society offices, tells me how they observed birds from horizon to horizon on one day recently. So keep an eye out. Especially when the wind turns from the north.