Book Review: All About Birds: Texas and Oklahoma

By Jeanette Larson

All About Birds: Texas and Oklahoma by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology opens with a fold-out index of birds by categories, but the table of contents includes a break down by species within each category. Early chapters focus on beginning birding, attracting birds to your yard, and getting involved with birding. Especially appreciated is the section on types of food and feeders. A guide to common species found in Texas and Oklahoma follows. Information is drawn from Cornell’s

As noted in the welcome, each profile includes a map of the usual territory and full-color photos to help with plumage variations. The profile section starts with general tips for identifying birds by various traits and understanding field marks. An end of the book index helps locate specific information. Most birders probably wouldn’t carry this big of a book into the field, but it is great for learning about birds you are looking for at home or in the “wild.”

It’s definitely worth adding to your bird collection. Other titles in the series cover California and four regions of the country.